Events & Exhibitions

Our Museum is a busy place with Exhibitions from our collection, book launches and our annual Airing of the Quilts, plus collaborations with other groups such as Embroiderers.


Newsagency c1981s

Newsagency staff 1996s

Newsagency c1980s

Coming Exhibition  –  Stories of Alstonville Businesses

11 September – 9 October   The changing face of Alstonville businesses is told through photographs and reminiscences.  Do you remember the newsagency, in our promo photo, at this location?  Or do you remember it in the old wooden building below?  Come and see the staff and owners of these businesses – it may be someone you know.  If you have any photographs or stories which we could add to our Exhibition, please contact us.

Newsagency 1996s

Newsagency c1980s






Future Exhibitions 2016 – 2017

11 September – 9 October   Stories of Alstonville Businesses (personal stories with photographs)

4 November – 19 March 2017   Children’s Toys and Games (includes social aspects – childcare and pre-school)

Fashion Project Sessions  Each Friday afternoon the Museum’s side verandah is abuzz with activity under the guidance of experienced fashion industry style coach and pattern engineer Lois Hennes.  Bring your own fashion project to life for a $10 per hour donation to the Museum.  Please book with Lois on 0439 423 185.

In between Exhibitions the Museum has Open House featuring items from our collection reflecting family life from the turn of the century to the 1960s.

Past Events

Platypus Pioneer Progress Exhibition  This unique exhibition was held from the 7th September to 4th November 2012.  It told the story of the members of the Charles Bulwinkel family and had at its heart the return anBullwinkel 1d display of an extremely rare platypus skin rugP1010299 to the place where the platypus had been caught.  Over 80 platypus skins from Maguires and Duck Creeks in Alstonville were made by members of the family into a double bed sized rug.  The rug was eventually acquired by the Powerhouse Museum in 2003 and loaned to the Society especially for this exhibition.