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Alstonville Plateau Historical Society has published a range of historic books. To order any of our publications please contact us via email: or phone 02 6628 1829. Payments can be made by money order or direct credit to our bank account – eftpos facilities available.  Cost of postage on application to the Society.

Current Publications

Recognising Alstonville Citizens Book 3
by Ian Kirkland (2019)
This book is the third in the series and covers a member of the following district families: Abernethy, Ball, Beck, Bulwinkel, Chesworth, Eggins, Fiedler, King, McCoy, McLeay, Manyweathers, Navin, O'Connell, Rewell, Sackley, Shaw, Tomlins, Whipps, Wray and Wright.

Recognising Ballina District Citizens Book 2
by Ian Kirkland (2019)
This book covers: Alcorn, Bagot, Biggs, Boorman, Brennan, Cummings, Freney, Fripp, Gillies, Harris, Jordan, Leeson, O'Neill, Page, Russell, Saxby-Juna, Stocks, Temperley, Webster and Woolcott.
Price $15.
Ballina Past to Present
by Kevin Olivieri (2018)
This 48 page book gives a photographic and brief written history of Ballina’s major landmarks and buildings. Price $15

So I Fear Nothing
by John Barnes OAM (2017)
Paddy Bugden served in France in World War I and was killed in action at Polygon Wood Belgioum on 28 September 1917. He was awarded a VC for gallantry leading small parties to attack enemy machine guns. A feature of the book is the many letters that Paddy wrote from the front to his family and friends.
Price $25

140 Years Not Out - History of Cricket in Alstonville 1876 - 2016
by Garry Ensbey (2016)
The beginning of cricket in Alstonville and an insight into the outstanding cricketers who played for the Alstonville Cricket Club during its 140 years existence. Price $40

Tibouchina Towns Cover

Tibouchina Town: Alstonville 1865 - 2015
by Ian Kirkland (2015)
This thoroughly researched history outlines the changes to Alstonville from 1865 when Andrew Freeborn first settled until the present day. Price $40 .


Recognising Ballina District Citizens Book 1
compiled by Kevin Olivieri (2015)
This book encompasses backgrounds and interesting facts about many of the names that appear around Ballina on buildings, places and shopping arcades. Research on the characters gives meaning to such places as Mobbs Bay, Fenwick House, Easton Park, Clement Park and Wigmore Arcade. Price $15

They Served Us-1

They Served Us Well
by Ian Kirkland (2015)
Almost 800 soldiers served the Tintenbar Shire district during World War I. This book identifies the majority of these soldiers and gives a brief history of each of them. It not only contains photos of many of the soldiers but also has photos of medals, postcards sent by the soldiers and modern photos of the countryside where they fought, cemeteries, graves, memorials and medals associated with these soldiers. Price $40

ALST DIST CITIZENS 2aRecognising Alstonville District Citizens Book 2
by Ian Kirkland (2015)
This is the second book in a series. This book covers: Arrowsmith, Bluett, Bryce, Bulwinkel, Cooke, Daley, Daley, Earner, Jewell, McCormack, McDonald, McLean, Newman, Oliver, Parrington, Perkins, Street, Thorpe, Timms, Trimble and Wittleton. Price $15 . NB There are two different Daleys.

Red-Cross-001Still Greater Effort
by John Sim (2014)
This book aims to document the proud 100 year history of the Alstonville branch of the Australian Red Cross. It also seeks to offer some reasons why the local branch did survive the inter-war and post-war periods that saw the demise of many Red Cross branches in towns of a similar size.
Price $15

Go North Young Man
by Ian Kirkland (2014)
This very detailed new book describes life in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Bega, Robertson and Kangaloon areas of southern NSW from the early 1800s to 1910 as well as the massive migration of families to the Richmond River district in northern NSW during this period. An important dairy industry was established on both the South and North Coasts. It has almost 50 pages of index. Price $40

New Duck Creek CoverDuck Creek Mountain now Alstonville
by Foreman Crawford (2013)
Considered the definitive history of Alstonville, this book was first published by Foreman Crawford in 1983. Part diary, part reminiscences, it remains a popular choice for newcomers to the area. The second edition, with a full index, was published by the society in 2005, and updated in 2013. Price $35

An Udder Story - Dairying on the Plateau
by Ian Kirkland (2013)
This book gives an insight into the importance of the dairy industry on the Alstonville Plateau. It mentions the early factories, crops, successful cattle breeders, the Alstonville Show, dairy research and the farming organisations such as the Primary Producers' Unions and Junior Farmers and the decline of the industry. Price $15

Citizens Book 1 Cover 2013Recognising Alstonville District Citizens - Book One
by Ian Kirkland (2013)
The first in a series recognising the contributions of Ballina Shire citizens. While some have received recognition, others have gone unnoticed. This book covers: Bartlett, Brown, Bugden, Cooke, Crawford, Dunstan, Eaton-Lee, Frederiksen, Gibson, Gray, Green, Kirkland, Martin, McGill, McIntyre, Noble, Perry, Roberts, Robins, Strong, Wilson. Price $15

Flying the Flag - Alstonville During World War II
by Ian Kirkland (2013)
We know about the war effort overseas, but what about the war effort at home? This book is a social history of Alstonville during World War II. It shows the tremendous support given by the local community to its service personnel. The book has an extensive index that includes many district family members.
Price $30

Ballina Early Days
by Brian Worthington (2012)
An ideal book for visitors which provides a brief history of Ballina covering 100 years from discovery in 1829 until 1929. Sections cover topics such as cedar getting, early settlement and development, the establishment of law and order, shops, churches, and businesses. A time-line lists the major “firsts” for Ballina and the book includes references and is fully indexed.
Price $15

Blanchie – Alstonville’s Inspirational World War II Nurse by Ian Kirkland (2012)
The thoroughly researched story of the life of Jessie Blanch, Alstonville’s own wartime hero. After training as a nurse, Jessie enlisted in the Army and was sent to Singapore. The book traces both her sad time at the infamous Bangka Island Interment Camp and happier days in Alstonville with her husband. Never before seen photographs of Jessie in exotic places, like Malacca, and more familiar places, like Alstonville, enhance this book.
Price $20

Postcards from Alstonville
A postcard-sized book of 60 pages containing a selection of over 80 historical photographs of the Alstonville district over a period of 100 years. It also contains a timeline of many important events during the first 100 years of Alstonville's development. Price $15

Alstonville High School – The first Twenty Five Years
by John Sim (2011)
A joint publication by the High School P&C and the Historical Society that charts the first 25 years growth at the School. Chapters deal with Principals, students, academic, cultural, and sporting achievements and memories from students, staff and parents. With many appendices and an impressive index this book should be purchased by all ex-students. Price $40

From Bush Track to Bypass
by Ian Kirkland (2011)
This story celebrates the construction of a small section of road around the villages of Alstonville and Wollongbar. It not only documents the need for a new road but looks at the commitment of the local community who fought for over 40 years to make it a reality. Out of Stock, CDs only $15

Wollongbar Historic Village
by Alstonville Plateau Historical Society (2010)
This is second in the series on small villages of the Alstonville Plateau. Unlike Rous Mill, Wollongbar has survived even if its heart, the local school, has been relocated. The booklet revives the story of the Wollongbar Drive-In Theatre amongst others. For a new resident this gives a potted history of the village. Price $18

Effort Earns Success: Alstonville Public School 1875 – 2008 by Ian Kirkland (2009)
As Assistant Principal between 1989 and 2003, Ian was well qualified to write this history. Five years of passionate research culminated in details of academic, cultural, and sporting achievements of Alstonville Primary students and the role played by parents and teachers. With a huge index you should be able to discover if your ancestor, brother or sister attended this school.
Price $40

Buckets to Brigades
by John Sim (2009)
With a forward by Kevin Gray, who has been a member of the Alstonville Fire Brigade for 50 years, this book is true to its title showing the progress of the Alstonville Fire Service from buckets to a horse-drawn turbine and finally a Garford No. 112 engine. Set within the wider story of fire in Australia and including a rogues gallery and index this book has wide appeal.
Price $15

Rous Mill Historic Village
by Alstonville Plateau Historical Society (2008)
This booklet is one of a series which looks at the small villages that once flourished on the Alstonville Plateau. Rous Mill and its substantial sugar mill have long gone but its history lives on the pages of this book. Pictures, maps, a timeline and index make this a useful source of information.
Price $15

Teams, Tarts and Tennis Balls: A History of the Tregeagle and District Tennis Association
by Warren McDonald (2008)
The book documents the story of tennis around Tregeagle and its neighbouring districts since the 1900s. Not only does it deal with the people who played, the clubs which existed and the many courts which were played on, but covers social activities that always seem to accompany tennis. Price $15

Forgotten Railways of the Northern Rivers
by Ian Kirkland (2007)
From the 1870s communities on the Clarence and Richmond rivers were agitating for rail transport. Ian’s book talks about lines that were started but only lasted for a few years or were never finished. For train buffs there are maps, station plans and a comprehensive index set the scene for these railway stories. Price $28

Alstonville Heritage Trail
by Alstonville Plateau Historical Society (2007)
Possibly our most popular publication this book takes the reader on a walk around the village of Alstonville. Using a map readers visit sites and buildings that have shaped the history of the village. Photographs in the book can be used to compare the past with the present. The book can then be kept as a memento of your visit to our special place. Price $15

Out of Puff
by Ian Kirkland (2006)
This book tells the story of a little known railway line that ran from Booyong to Ballina. The author has a personal interest in this railway as his grandfather was the line medico and his mother and aunts used to talk about the camps where they grew up. Maps, plans of stations and photographs of camps associated with the building of the line enhance this little book.
Price $15

Duck Creek Mountain Now Alstonville
by Foreman Crawford (2005)
Considered the definitive history of Alstonville, this book was first published by Forman Crawford in 1983. Part diary, part reminiscences, it remains a popular choice for newcomers to the area.
Reprinted in 2005 by the Society, now with a full index. Price $35

Titles Out of Print – contact us

Milestones and Memories – by Alstonville Plateau Historical Society (2007)

Alstonville School of Arts  –  by Marguerite Fuller (2006)

Game, Set and Match: Alstonville Tennis Club  –  by APHS (2007)

Lodge 259: Alstonville 1909 – 2002  –  by Marguerite Fuller (2006)

Memories of Alstonville  –  by Alstonville Plateau Historical Society (2006)

Six or Nothing: The History of the Rous Cricket Club  –  by Ian Kirkland (2006)

Farm Life – by Alstonville Plateau Historical Society (2006)

NB:  These books may be available in pdf format.

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Postcards of Alstonville and District $1

Crawford House Museum Opening 2004 DVD $5