Tour Alstonville

Alstonville, originally called Duck Creek Mountain, was part of the impenetrable  rainforest which extended from the Richmond River to the Nightcap Range and was inhabited for many thousands of years by the Bundjalung people.

The first European settlers, Andrew and Ellen Freeborn and Andrew’s brother Thomas arrived on the Alstonville Plateau in 1865. Within eighteen months other settlers followed with family names such as Robertson, Graham, Newbon, Crawford, Eliott, Mellis, Brown, Moore, Cawley, Robb, Mullins, and Cooke – and the village of Duck Creek Mountain started to grow. In 1873 the name of Duck Creek Mountain was changed to Alstonville to avoid confusion with other localities of the same name.

In this tour of Alstonville’s historic places you will see buildings from the 1890s and early 1900s. Possibly the oldest building in the heart of Alstonville is the former Anglican church built in 1897. This timber building was moved from Perry’s Hill to its current position in The Avenue in 1905 and today is an opportunity shop for the Anglican church. If you would like a pleasant and instructive walk, download our brochure:¬†Alstonville Heritage Trail (4.5 mb).